Give a Better Conference Talk with One Quick Fix

There is one simple mistake repeated by too many conference speakers, especially in the financial world.

We want to make sure you do not fall into the same trap.

To give a better conference talk you may want to use visual aids.

What some people do is re-use their PowerPoint slides which have worked well in their pitch books.

This is a huge mistake.

It’s the equivalent of making a movie by filming pages from a book.

Transform your conference talk – improve your visual aids

If you want to use visual aids in your conference presentation then make sure these really are visual aids.  

What do I mean by visual aids?  It’s simple:  You need to answer some basic questions, for example:

Do they really help your audience understand what you are saying?
Are they clear, simple and can they be read at the back of the room?

If not, then either leave them out or re-design them.

You will find that this simple change makes you much more impressive and you will come across as a more effective communicator.


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