Three steps to effective charity fundraising presentations

Three steps to effective charity pitches and fundraising presentations

UK charities are under pressure. The fallout from the Kids Company collapse continues to put the spotlight on governance. Fundraising is more challenging and supporters are looking more closely at the charities they back. Effective charity pitches and presentations are more essential than ever.  They help you with fundraising and win support for your cause from local government and civil servants. These are our three steps to follow for better charity fundraising presentations:

Effective charity fundraising presentations – Step 1: What do you want?

What do you want from funders, ministers, local councillors, civil servants and potential partners? If you can’t sum up an “ask” that is definable and feasible, you are unlikely to get it. Make it as easy as possible for others to help you by making sure they know exactly what you want.

Charity fundraising pitch – Step 2: What can they do for me?

For investors, your fundraising pitch should address what an investor need.  Every investor is different and their needs vary.  Some are looking for measurable returns.  Some are looking for profile and kudos.  Some want to know they are making a difference. When you establish their needs you can address these in your charity presentation.

At all levels of government, politicians face many problems. They are generally delighted to be offered workable solutions by well-informed people. You need to explain how your charity can solve specific problems that ministers and councillors face, and ideally how those solutions map to stated government priorities.

Effective charity fundraising presentations – Step 3: What will they ask me?

Think through what the people you meet are likely to ask you. Prepare in advance just how you are going to respond. There is no need to be surprised by questions that you should have foreseen, and therefore planned for. You will come across as a more credible partner as well as an organisation with a worthwhile cause to champion.

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