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Zoom – A new style of investor communication for a new world

Now that investor communication is conducted remotely, we are increasingly relying on Zoom. This means we all need to work even harder to get our messages across to investors. And it also means that we all have to work harder to stand out from the competition for access to capital.…

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Investor meetings. How big is your perception gap?

What are your investor meetings like - for the person on the opposite side of the table? Most days, we only see ourselves when we glance in the mirror as we’re brushing our teeth or combing our hair. There’s rarely anything different each time we look (perhaps a new grey…

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Cast your investor as the star in your investment pitch

When you pitch for investment in your company, what role do you take?  And what role does your investor take?  Get this right in your investment pitch, and you have a much better chance of success. Shakespeare wrote that “all the world’s a stage”, but perhaps the world is more…

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What are the most common private equity pitching mistakes?

What are the private equity pitching mistakes most commonly made by fund managers? I asked the fundraising panel at a recent SuperInvestor conference which private equity pitching mistakes are regularly made by fund managers. On the panel were Catherine Lewis La Torre, Anna Dayn, Spencer Miller and Marc der Kinderen.…

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Five Tips for an Elevator Pitch

“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter." Blaise Pascal 1657   If you need to give a short pitch - an elevator pitch - for your fund or your business you know how tough it is. For example, if…

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How to make your IPO a success? Improve your IPO presentation

If you are preparing your IPO presentation, then you'll want to do everything to make it a success. We’ve been advising IPOs for 15 years and in that time we have seen the difference between a successful and unsuccessful float. What's the one big lesson we've learned? When you prepare…

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Improve your annual investor days & AGMs

Can you improve your annual investor day? Investor days, AGMs and CMDs - for public companies and private funds - are important for investors and analysts. But these events, when virtual, can also be dull. Ask anyone to describe a poor investor day and they will use words like ‘boring’,…

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Pitching to investors – the most common mistakes made by funds

Many funds could be better at pitching to investors. From our work, helping fund teams pitch and persuade more effectively, we have identified the five most common investment pitching mistakes:     Investor pitch mistake #1 - Not understanding the investor. Too many people go out with a generic presentation…

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Better Investor Days – Five Things Investors Want From You

Better Investor Day Presentations A great investor day can be transformational. You can turn around doubters, clarify uncertainties and help people understand what makes your business special. It a great opportunity - and some companies have better investor days than others. But, what is the difference between a great investor…

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How to prepare a killer investor elevator pitch

Investors managing over $10bn in Private Equity judged the recent SuperInvestor investor elevator pitches Seven funds competed by pitching their investment ideas in an elevator pitch lasting no more than 90 seconds to a room packed with potential investors.   Elevator Pitches are about quality not quantity Demonstrating that quality…

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The psychology of a persuasive investor pitch

Do you think you have a persuasive investor pitch? If so, take a moment to answer these three questions: Are you a rational, logical decision-maker?  Are the investors you pitch to rational, logical decision-makers? Do investors decide purely through conscious analysis of information? Surprisingly, the answer to all three questions…

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Seven Secrets of the Best Investor Pitch Decks

Are you looking for start-up funding, scale-up funding or new financing for your business? If so, you need to invest in creating the best investor pitch deck your prospective investor has seen.   Really effective pitch decks are like great CVs. They won’t get you the job, but they might…

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Five Key Elements Of A Successful Investor Meeting

Successful investor meetings come in all shapes and sizes.  But underpinning all of them are a few basic truths. Check your own investor meeting against our five essential tests. 1. A successful investor meeting gets a clear story across Your business is complicated and your market is ever changing.  You…

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Ten Benefits Of A Better Investor Pitch Book

A great investor pitch book is at the heart of successful fundraising. You use it to capture the essence of your business or fund and make it easy for the reader to understand you. These days, a great pitch book is not a “nice to have”, it’s a “must have”.…

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Score Your Private Equity Pitch Book

Does your Private Equity Pitch Book make prospective LPs sit up or switch off? LPs tell us they want to see simple, clear and brief pitch books - but many they see are the exact opposite. When we work with clients on their investor communications, there are six questions (amongst…

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How well do you answer difficult investor questions?

When an investor questions how you calculated your Private Equity fund's performance, how do you react? If an investor asks how many people left your VC Firm in the last 12 months, what do you say? Investors tell us that, too often, people avoid, second-guess or provide scrambled answers to…

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How to run better Private Equity investor events

The private equity investor event dilemma: What is the point of delivering great financial performance, having a strong team and finding excellent investments if that does not come across clearly to investors? The best PE firms go to great efforts to make sure their LP days are engaging and interesting.…

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Private Equity Fundraising Tips from the Experts: Become a Top 1% Fund

How can you be seen as a top 1% fund by investors? At SuperReturn Emerging Markets in Amsterdam, experienced LPs and advisors shared their private equity fundraising tips and discussed what makes a fund stand out. On the panel were Will Poole of Capria, Guarau Ahuja of ChrysCapital and Alexandre…

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How do you answer tough investor questions? 10 tips from the experts

How to answer tough investor questions What’s the most daunting part of speaking to investors? For many, it’s answering tough investor questions. Questions are  tricky to prepare for, as you don’t know exactly what you will be asked. And, different investors approach questioning in different ways. So how do the…

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How to Make Your Investment Pitch More Memorable – Six Tips

How do you make your investment pitch more memorable? It's a real challenge these days. Investors have more opportunities than ever to invest. So if you are pitching to investors, it's much harder to stand out. One essential strategy you want to deploy when pitching is to be more memorable.…

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