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Ten Quick-Fix Public Speaking Tips

These are our top ten public speaking tips for talks, pitches and presentations with impact. They are based on our 10+ years of experience coaching executives across Europe to become better public speakers, whether for talks, pitches or presentations.   While the advice we give each person is tailored, we've picked…

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Conference panel introductions: six tips to introduce yourself memorably

When you take part in a conference panel, do you use your introduction as a chance to stand out? First impressions count. Conference panel audiences form their opinion of you based on the first things you say. That’s why your introduction matters, often as much - or more than -…

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10 Power Language techniques to use in your next talk or presentation

How To Harness Powerful Language For Leadership Communications Great leaders use Power Language to add interest and colour to what they say. There are ten core techniques that great leaders use to make their talks and presentations more powerful. These are the ones we share with our clients to help them…

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Six ways to pitch your private equity fund at an event

You are at a private equity conference. It’s one of those events, like SuperReturn, that's designed to help LPs and GPs meet. You want to identify LPs who may be interested in your private equity fund. Assuming you get a meeting with an investor (which is hard enough) how can…

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Practical tips for your conference panel appearance

If you are a panelist or a moderator on a conference panel this year, you want to make it a success. Panels are excellent marketing opportunities and a great way to raise your profile. Businesses and careers have been launched with great performances on conference panels. So that you shine…

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Ten Commandments for A Great Conference Talk

While every conference talk is different, there are some rules that apply to any talk.  Here are some simple rules, some commandments to make your conference talk into a great conference talk. Because ignoring these commandments will lead you into Death by PowerPoint.   1. Thou shalt aim to entertain and…

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Six Tips to Looking Good on a Conference Panel

Make your conference panels work. If you are on a conference panel this year,  make your attendance more successful with essential preparation. These six conference panel tips will help you look more impressive, interesting and impactful.  1.     Plan well in advance. With your chairman and fellow panelists, work out what you…

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Essential Tip for Better Conference Talks

  When you give a conference talk (or any other bit of public speaking) you want to sound impressive. But, too many people fall into this trap:  The way we speak and the way we write are very different.  What looks good when written is unlikely to sound good when…

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How To Look Good On a Conference Panel

Do you look good on a conference panel? When they work well, conference panels are the lifeblood of any conference.  When bad, they are a disaster. But what makes a great conference panel ? At BBA we prepare a lot of people so they look good on conference panel sessions.  The real…

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Give a Better Conference Talk with One Quick Fix

There is one simple mistake repeated by too many conference speakers, especially in the financial world.   We want to make sure you do not fall into the same trap. To accompany your conference talk you may want to use visual aids.  What some people do is re-use their PowerPoint slides which have…

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Your Checklist for a Great Conference Presentation

How do you know if your next conference talk or presentation is going to impress? To check if you are ready, use this free 10 point conference presentation check list. You can test if your talk has covered the essential planning steps needed for a great conference talk and if…

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