Better eye contact for better presentations

Imagine if I came to ask you for some help.

What would you think if  I didn’t look you in the eye?

Or if I avoided your gaze?
Or if I looked down every time I said something?
What impression do you get?


You need good eye contact to be a good presenter..


Learn this body language trick for better presentations

We like people who can make eye contact (remember the last time you were flirting with someone?).
We trust people who can  “look you in the eye”.
We want to see people “eye-to-eye“.

When presenting or speaking in public you will get a better reaction  if you improve your eye contact.

Eye contact is a learned skill that takes practice.

From extensive work with our clients, here are some easy tips you can apply for powerful eye contact:

I want to be a better presenter

1. Better eye contact for small groups

Only talk when you are looking at someone.


2. Better eye contact – talk to each person directly

Spend one or two sentences talking to each person.

I want to be a better presenter

3. Better eye contact when you present

Don’t drop your eye contact before the end of each sentence (You can start your sentences with your nose in your notes.)

4. Better eye contact if you are nervous

If you don’t like looking into someone’s eyes, then look at their forehead or nose.

I want to be a better presenter

5. Better eye contact – it takes practice.

Start with friends.  Make them point out each time your eye contact drops.

Just these simple tips for powerful eye contact will make you a more convincing and persuasive public speaker.


This is such a simple body language trick. Many people underestimated how powerful it is.

You can easily learn better eye contact for presentations.

If you want to improve your presentations and your eye contact – please get in touch.


I want to be a better presenter

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