Better Investor Days – Five Things Investors Want From You

Better Investor Day Presentations

A great investor event can be transformational.

You can turn around doubters, clarify uncertainties and help people understand what makes your business special.

It a great opportunity – and some companies have better investor days than others. But, what is the difference between a great investor day and an average one? We asked a range of investors and analysts what they want from an investor day.  Their answers were pretty consistent.

Top requests about what questions a great investor event must answer included:

  1. Do you demonstrate you understand your market?

  2. Are you clear what makes you interesting to investors?

  3. Are you transparent about recent performance?

  4. Does it feel as if you are properly focused on the investor?

  5. Does it all feel right?

Now look at these comments again. What I find fascinating is how much weight is put onto subjective rather than objective issues: on impressions rather than facts. In all our work helping companies create better investor presentations, we spend most time working on the simple things.

Some simple ideas for better investor events

For example, it’s amazing how much difference a clear story can deliver.

We helped a a $1bn Finnish company a few years ago  prepare for their Annual Investor Event. With our help they saw a 10% uplift in their share price – despite no new news. It was the same information they had presented before, but structured clearly and presented persuasively.

And for some Private Equity firms, creating better investor days with clear messages makes the subsequent fundraising much easier.

So, next time you have an annual investor event, spend time to prepare and simplify your story and then make sure everyone who speaks is  confident and engaging.

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