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Ten Quick-Fix Public Speaking Tips

October 4, 2019

These are our top ten public speaking tips for talks, pitches and presentations with impact. They are based on our 10+ years of experience coaching executives across Europe to become better public speakers, whether for talks, pitches or presentations.   While the advice we give...

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Improve your annual investor days

October 4, 2019

Can you improve your annual investor day?  Yes you can! Most funds and public companies have an annual investor day.  They are regular, important and - for investors and analysts – a chance to see face-to-face how the investment is performing. But these events...

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Better eye contact for better presentations

September 26, 2019

Imagine if I came to ask you for some help. What would you think if  I didn't look you in the eye? Or if I avoided your gaze? Or if I looked down every time I said something? What impression do you get?  ...

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Pitching to investors – the most common mistakes made by funds

June 3, 2019

Many funds could be better at pitching to investors. From our work, helping fund teams pitch and persuade more effectively, we have identified the five most common investment pitching mistakes:     Investor pitch mistake #1 - Not understanding the investor. Too many people...

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A new style of communication for a new world

April 21, 2019

Now that most communication is conducted remotely, we are increasingly relying on Zoom. This means we all need to work even harder to get our messages across to key audiences. And it also means that we all have to work harder to stand out...

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