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So you can improve your presentations, talks, and pitches, please download our free pdf guides full of presentation tips. 

Written by our expert team, they give you practical advice with checklists and illustrations of what good looks like.

Help improve your  presentations, talks, speeches, and fundraising pitches.  



Five Steps to Improve your Leadership Talks

leadership talks booklet cover shotDo you want to improve your public speaking? 

Would you like to give better presentations? 

Download this short (20 page) guide to find out how to improve your talks, perform like a leader and use your presentations to enhance your success at work. Packed with practical tips.

Download Now: Five Steps to Improve your Leadership Talks.




How to Stand Out on a Conference Panel

how to prepare for conference panelCould your conference panel appearances be more impressive?  

Would you like to make an impact and get people coming up to you afterwards? 

This short guide gives you practical tips to prepare for a conference panel.  When we coach people for conference panels they tell us what a huge difference it makes to the conference panels they moderate or appear on.. 

Download Now: How to Stand Out on a Conference Panel.




Private Equity & Venture Capital Fundraising: Do you stand out

Private equity venture capital fundraising free guideThe more persuasive your investor pitches are, the easier it is to raise money.

Answer our 8 questions to identify the areas to improve in your investor pitch. 

Find out what a stand-out pitch looks like. Full of practical tips and advice.

Download Now: Private Equity and VC Fundraising – Do you stand out?




The Little Green Book for Private Equity Fund Managers

private equity fundraising guideDo you want to improve your impact with investors?

We can help you to polish your fundraising, prepare portfolio management teams for exit and get the best out of your investor days.

Download this short guide to find out what to do at each stage of the process and how we can help you overcome your challenges with investors.


Download attachment: The Little Green Book for Private Equity Fund Managers


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