Do you need help with your messaging? Our Messaging Cracker Sessions can help.

Messaging Cracker Sessions

Have you got an effective, well-defined message at the core of all your communications?

To check, why not test your elevator pitch against our six criteria here, and find out about our Takeaway Test here?

If your messaging is letting you down, let us help you reach a solution with one of our famous Messaging Cracker Sessions.

What’s a Messaging Cracker Session?

Our Messaging Cracker Sessions are a powerful way of solving tough communications problems.

During the session, we will work with you through the process of identifying, stress-testing and expressing the key messages that define your organisation or your proposition.

Afterwards, you’ll have a clear ‘story’ that will talk to your target audiences, and the words to express it effectively.

Who needs to be involved?

The right people. Often messaging problems arise from different but unresolved opinions within an organisation, so it is essential to get those diverging opinions in the same room in order to reach a workable solution. We advise a minimum of two and a maximum of eight people.

From our side, the session is run by two members of our senior team – in each case hand-picked so that you get the expertise you need. Every member of our team has decades of experience coaching top CEOs, MDs and Partners, and creating powerful messages that work. We know exactly what works with investors, the media and employees.

How soon can I have a Messaging Cracker Session?

Depending on availability, we can book these with as little as seven days’ notice. We need that lead-time to prepare your session. We carry out pre-session telephone conversations with each of the stakeholders in order to understand their current perspectives. We then devise a unique, tailored structure that will get you to the answers you need.

I want to know more

Tell us about your challenges and we’ll confirm whether a Messaging Cracker Session is right for you. Call Louise on 020 7193 0130, email her via or click the Contact Us link below.

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