Case Study – Helping Impetus Trust with Fund-Raising

Impetus PEF  is the leading UK venture philanthropist, supported by some of the world’s top Private Equity firms. Impetus accelerates the growth of innovative charities and social enterprises that alleviate poverty.

Impetus initially approached us to help their CEO achieve more in fund raising meetings. We saw that she was charismatic and excellent, but was hampered by a couple of issues. In particular, we had to re-engineer how she approached each meeting and we re-worked the materials she used during the meetings.

Over the years we have continued to help Impetus and their investee charities, with messaging, media training, presentation preparation and pitch-winning coaching.

“In a few powerful sessions, Ben completely transformed the way we describe Impetus and deliver our key messages.” Said Amy Stillman, Impetus Communications Director.

He quickly captured the trust of our chief executive with constructive and creative suggestions. Ben really understands the art of communication, and helped us develop some new presentation tools to boost our effectiveness. We look forward to working with him whenever we have important things to say.”

Impetus PEF have been our charity of choice since 2010.

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