Benjamin Ball at SuperReturn private equity conference

Private Equity Fundraising Highlights from SuperReturn 2015 in Berlin

June 11, 2015

There were 1700 delegates at SuperReturn in Berlin last week. Benjamin Ball chaired an afternoon of private equity fundraising discussions with:

Marc St John, CVC Capital Partners; Bob Brown, Riverstone; Mounir Guen, MVision; Martin Dunnett, Warburg Pincus; Catherine Lewis La Torre, Fondinvest; Jo Taylor, Teachers; and Joakim Bergander, Third Lake.

Some of the private equity fund raising highlights from these panels and other discussions included:


Meredith Rerisi of Abbot Capital highlights importance of good first impressions when meeting GPs. @BenjaminBallA

Recurring comment from LPs: Worst fund pitch is when one person does all the talking despite all team present @BronwynBailey

GPs should keep it short and sweet. LPs sit through hundreds of these meetings per year. And keep it lively! @EbersoleJamie

Orin Wicks of Hall Capital sees $1tn of capital in Private Equity chasing deals globally – pushing prices up. @BenjaminBallA

Learn more about private equity fundraising:


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