Better Media Interviews

How to Take Charge of Your Media Interviews

January 16, 2013

Better Media Interviews

The excruciating Newsnight interview with Treasury Minister Chloe Smith this summer is just one example of how poor preparation for an interview can have disastrous consequences.Whether you’re being interviewed for a industry magazine, newspaper, TV or radio, you can improve how you come across in your media interview

The 5 Rules of Effective Media Interviews

As your company representative, you become its face and voice –  the reputation of your company is now in your hands.

Understanding how to handle the media is an essential skill that every executive should develop. Media training is a core management skill.

If you let the journalist to control the interview, they will get the story they want, not the story you want to tell. Preparation is key.The following 5 tips will help you become a confident and impressive interviewee:

1. Know your story – prepare exactly what you want to say and understand how to make it newsworthy.  Have good anecdotes as backup

2. Keep it simple – translate detail and complexity into clear easy-to-grasp ideas that are right for this audience

3. Control the interview – A good interview is not a Q&A session.  Learn how to stay in charge and move to your agenda

4. Expect the unexpected – Practise handling difficult and trick questions

5. Look like a professional – Even when not on TV, the more you rehearse, the more sincere you will look.

Media interviews can be full of pitfalls. That is why media training is essential: to make sure you’re prepared for every eventuality.

Become a confident interviewee

During your interview, one badly phrased response, a lengthy hesitation or a flippant remark can bring disaster. That’s why media training is so important.

For this reason our clients such as Olswang, Deutsche Bank, Fishburn Hedges and Miele turn to us for results-driven training.

Through our tailored 1:1 and in-house training courses, experts work with you to craft both your message and your performance. You will create a winning combination for any interview situation.

By taking a hands-on practical approach your confidence will soar and you’ll leave the workshop armed with new techniques that you can put in to practice straight away.

“…practical and results-orientated training…I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services.” Gemma Godfrey, Investment Committee Chairman, Credo Capital.

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How to Take Charge of Your Media Interviews

Jan 16, 2013

Better Media Interviews The excruciating Newsnight interview with Treasury Minister Chloe Smith this summer is just one example of how poor preparation...

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