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Investor Elevator Pitch Competition Sorts out Funds Best-Placed to Raise Finance

November 16, 2011

Investors managing over $10bn in Private Equity judged the 2011 SuperInvestor Quick Fire Showcase in Paris yesterday.

Seven funds competed by pitching their investment ideas for no more than 90 seconds  to a room packed with potential investors.


Demonstrating that quality beats quantity every time, Simone Balch of DW Markets secured second place in this popular competition. Speaking to a packed conference hall Simone gave her carefully crafted pitch in just 45 seconds –  half the allotted time.

But first prize was secured by John Cheuk of Ant Capital.  Using the whole 90 seconds he clearly laid out why there was value to be found in Japan and how Ant Cap was well placed to capture this value.  Ant does this by investing in small and mid cap buyouts.

The competition was chaired by presentation expert Benjamin Ball and judged by 5 experienced Private Equity investors:  Jeffrey Reals of Performance Equity Management, Robert van Schaik of Shell Asset Management, Ewoud van de Sande of Robeco, Allen MacDonell of Teachers Texas and Seth Hall of Calstrs.


Drawing on his experience preparing teams for fundraisings and investor presentations Benjamin Ball gave detailed advice  to those who did not win.  This included:

Focus on what your audience is keen to hear.  Address their concerns and interests.

Don’t try and say too much. Better to say less, and say it better

Slow down and pause.  It’s tempting to rush a 90 second pitch, but that will make it incomprehensible.

Use shorter sentences (especially for Francophones and Italians)

If you say you are passionate,  make sure that comes across in your performance

Plan carefully.  You only have time for 200 words, so make every word count.

And practice.


Ben also summarised the three things that your investor elevator pitch must achieve to be successful.  Your audience should come away with

Understanding what you do

Seeing you as Likeable, and

Feeling they can Trust you

If you achieve this, you are a long way towards a successful investor fundraising pitch.

For more advice about polishing your investor fundraising pitch, documents and performance contact Benjamin Ball Associates on +44 20 7193 0130.


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