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Fundraising presentations: a survive and thrive guide for talking to investors

Fundraising presentations are hard work. You're bombarded with challenging questions from investors, worn out by long days, and struggling to keep on top of your day job at the same time. They’re also difficult to get right. There is a world of difference between knowing your business inside out and…

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Do you want to be more persuasive? Give a bit to get a bit.

In our day to day business lives, we regularly want to be more persuasive. You may want approval from your boss for a new project; with clients you want them interested in buying from you; with investors you want them to back your new fund. While each of these situations is…

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Six ways to pitch your private equity fund at an event

You are at a private equity conference. It’s one of those events, like SuperReturn, that's designed to help LPs and GPs meet. You want to identify LPs who may be interested in your private equity fund. Assuming you get a meeting with an investor (which is hard enough) how can…

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What do investors want? Six pitching tips for 2017

While we wrote this piece with our Private Equity clients in mind, there are good lessons here for anyone pitching to investors or delivering new business pitches. What does it take to be one of 2017's deal-closers? During the past few months we’ve been quizzing investors about what successful fund managers…

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What can private equity fund managers learn from Prof. Brian Cox?

Do you look forward to watching TV documentaries about science? For the majority of people, the reply is ‘no’. Put Professor Brian Cox at the centre of a series though, and the answer, for millions, becomes ‘yes’. The pop star of particle physics, Cox is undoubtedly the UK’s favourite -…

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Five psychology techniques for persuasive investor presentations

Investment decision-making is not a wholly rational process. Are you using all the tools at your disposal to create and deliver persuasive investor presentations? Psychology researchers continually prove how incredibly susceptible humans are to unconscious influences. We can use subtle cues, signals and personal biases to nudge even the most experienced investor's decision-making process. The…

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Do your pitches pass the Takeaway Test?

How do people talk about you or your company to their colleagues after your pitches? We call this the Takeaway Test. Providing a succinct and memorable takeaway that sums up your value proposition or key message will help clients to form a distinct image of you and your company in…

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Six essential tests for your elevator pitch

A weak elevator pitch is a wasted opportunity Last month I chaired the Quickfire Showcase at Berlin’s SuperReturn, the annual Private Equity Conference. Funds get 90 seconds to pitch to a room full of investors, who collectively have over $100bn to invest. It's a high profile elevator pitch. What struck me…

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How to use stories for more persuasive Private Equity pitches

Why use stories in your Private Equity pitches? Stories appeal to the right-hand side of the brain, bypassing the logical and judgemental left-hand side. We make decisions quickly and emotionally, then try to back them up rationally. Using stories in your private equity pitches gives you access to that emotional…

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How do prospective clients talk about you after your legal pitch?

After you’ve pitched to a client and they’ve returned to their offices, how do they talk about you and your legal pitch to their colleagues? We call this the ‘Takeaway Test’. Providing a succinct and memorable takeaway that sums up your value proposition will help clients to form a distinct…

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How to present a good sales pitch

What do you want to achieve from a good sales pitch? Typically, people hope a good sales pitch will impress the customer, be memorable and finish with the customer wanting to buy the service or product. Yet many salespeople gravitate towards formats, styles and presentation methods that have been proven to no longer be effective.…

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Private equity fundraising | Seven tips for first investor meetings

What do LPs want from private equity funds at first investor meetings? That's the question I put to the panel at SuperInvestor 2015, the annual conference for private equity decision makers. On the panel were Catherine Lewis La Torre, Anna Dayn, Spencer Miller and Marc der Kinderen. Between them, they see hundreds…

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What makes a great private equity pitch?

What are the best private equity pitches you've seen? That’s the question I put to my panel at SuperInvestor 2015, the annual conference for private equity decision makers. I asked four LPs to talk about a great private equity pitch they remember - teams that did something different and grabbed attention. On the…

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What are the most common private equity pitching mistakes?

What are the private equity pitching mistakes most commonly made by fund managers? I asked the fundraising panel at the SuperInvestor 2015 conference which private equity pitching mistakes are made by fund managers time and again. On the panel were Catherine Lewis La Torre, Anna Dayn, Spencer Miller and Marc der Kinderen. Between…

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What’s the worst private equity pitch you’ve seen?

How to lose respect and alienate investors I asked the LP panel at SuperInvestor 2015 what the worst private equity pitch they've ever seen was. On the panel were Catherine Lewis La Torre, Anna Dayn, Spencer Miller and Marc der Kinderen. Between them, they review 400 fund pitches every year and they’ve seen…

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How do you show you love your clients?

Most professional services firms have problems differentiating themselves. When all your competitors are also qualified professionals, it is hard to stand out. Ask any lawyer, banker, actuary or accountant. Clichéd phrases will not help you. “A global mindset”, “a niche specialism” or “a client-focused approach” are meaningless to your client.…

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The Harry Potter Approach to Presentations

What can we learn from Harry Potter about better presentations? One simple rule:  Like magic, PowerPoint is powerful, and to do good it has to be used properly. Let me explain. Like the magic in Harry Potter, PowerPoint is a powerful tool.  And the ease of using PowerPoint sometimes makes…

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Give Yourself Better Investor Meetings

  Do you want better meetings with investors?  While all investors are different and all investor meetings are different, there are a few things you can do to ensure better investor meetings:   1. Practice and Role Play By rehearsing different types of investor meetings and filming them you can understand…

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Five Tips for an Elevator Pitch

“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter." Blaise Pascal 1657   If you ever need to give a short pitch - an elevator pitch - for your fund or your business you know how tough it is. For example,…

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“Don’t give us another f***ing PowerPoint Presentation!”

Winning a competitive pitch Our client, a leading Financial PR agency, was ready. They’d prepared a new business pitch for weeks. It was a big PR contract and they wanted to win. The timing wasn’t perfect: they’d been given the last slot on a hot Friday afternoon. And they knew…

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