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How to prepare for a media interview

A media interview is like a show on a theatre stage. There are interactions between people with conflicting agendas, messages to convey to the audience and an art to delivering each message in an impactful way. There are no second chances to impress. Critics are waiting to pounce on any…

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7 bad media interview mistakes (and how to avoid them)

You could shoot to fame for all the wrong reasons if a bad media interview goes viral. Unprepared, rude or flippant comments you make can damage your reputation and that of your company in seconds. At best, a bad media interview is a wasted opportunity to spread your message and raise your profile.…

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PRESS RELEASE: Paul Farrow of Fishburn Joins Benjamin Ball Associates as Partner

London – Paul Farrow, former Managing Director and head of Financial & Professional Services at PR agency Fishburn, has joined Benjamin Ball Associates, the leading financial presentation and media training company, as Partner. Paul brings to Benjamin Ball Associates his experience from five years at Fishburn, where he led a…

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Leadership Communications: Are you a good talker or a good communicator? Part 2

Another leader that makes a refreshing change is Tesco’s new CEO, Dave Lewis. Tesco has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. The supermarket giant’s share price has plummeted 50% in a year as falling sales, boardroom reshuffles, and increased competition from rival supermarkets such as Aldi…

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What Makes Sir Bob Geldof Such a Powerful Communicator?

Bob Geldof has always come across as a great showman. He's charismatic, passionate and forceful. But how does he do it? Last week, I had the pleasure of chairing the opening morning of GAIM, the hedge fund conference.  Sir Bob was guest speaker, talking about the fund he chairs, 8…

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How to Take Charge of Your Media Interviews

Better Media Interviews The excruciating Newsnight interview with Treasury Minister Chloe Smith this summer is just one example of how poor preparation for an interview can have disastrous consequences.Whether you’re being interviewed for a industry magazine, newspaper, TV or radio, you can improve how you come across in your media interview.  The…

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The election has changed the rules of media interviews

For the last 13 years we have got used to a certain type of media interview.  The interviewer is aggressive and the interviewee is trying to get their points across, often without any true conversation. Listening to Ed Miliband on the Andrew Marr show last week was typical of this style.  But,…

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“I honestly thought it was the most valuable 3 hours I’ve spent with anyone in a long time.”

Mick May CEO, Blue Sky

“The new presentation properly represents the institutional quality of our fund. It has been a step change of us.”

Erwin de Kleijn Head of IR, Saemor Capital

“This training has contributed directly to new business – including a new FTSE100 client.”

Michelle Elstein Head of Business Development, Olswang LLP

“I can honestly say our investment in coaching has paid for itself many times over.”

Ed Coulthard  CEO, Blast Films

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