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Legal Pitches: How using stories will help you win more business

Why use stories in your legal pitches? Stories appeal to the right-hand side of the brain, bypassing the logical and judgemental left-hand side. We make decisions quickly and emotionally, then try to back them up rationally. Using stories in your legal pitches will give you access to that emotional decision-making centre.…

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How do prospective clients talk about you after your legal pitch?

After you’ve pitched to a client and they’ve returned to their offices, how do they talk about you and your legal pitch to their colleagues? We call this the ‘Takeaway Test’. Providing a succinct and memorable takeaway that sums up your value proposition will help clients to form a distinct…

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How do you show you love your clients?

Most professional services firms have problems differentiating themselves. When all your competitors are also qualified professionals, it is hard to stand out. Ask any lawyer, banker, actuary or accountant. Clichéd phrases will not help you. “A global mindset”, “a niche specialism” or “a client-focused approach” are meaningless to your client.…

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“Don’t give us another f***ing PowerPoint Presentation!”

Winning a competitive pitch Our client, a leading Financial PR agency, was ready. They’d prepared a new business pitch for weeks. It was a big PR contract and they wanted to win. The timing wasn’t perfect: they’d been given the last slot on a hot Friday afternoon. And they knew…

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Why Body Language Matters When Pitching to Win Business

Better Body Language We all know that body language is important in business.  But how important? And does is really make a big difference when selling something complex like an investment in a hedge fund, private equity or venture capital? And can you really improve how you are perceived just…

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Three New Presentation Training Case Studies

We have just published new presentation training case studies highlighting some of the recent work we have done. Blue Sky - Preparing the CEO and Team for Important New Business Pitches Olswang - Building Business Development Skills in this Distinctive International Law Firm Impetus - Clarifying Messages and Building Fundraising…

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Pitching for new business – where to start?

We spend a lot of time helping clients pitch for new business.  This can be business from new clients or from existing clients.  Interestingly, many people make the same basic mistake when pitching. The maddening thing is, this mistake is obvious. What is this obvious pitching mistake and why do…

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“I honestly thought it was the most valuable 3 hours I’ve spent with anyone in a long time.”

Mick May CEO, Blue Sky

“The new presentation properly represents the institutional quality of our fund. It has been a step change of us.”

Erwin de Kleijn Head of IR, Saemor Capital

“This training has contributed directly to new business – including a new FTSE100 client.”

Michelle Elstein Head of Business Development, Olswang LLP

“I can honestly say our investment in coaching has paid for itself many times over.”

Ed Coulthard  CEO, Blast Films

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