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How well do you answer difficult investor questions?

When an investor questions how you calculated your Private Equity fund's performance, how do you react? If an investor asks how many people left your VC Firm in the last 12 months, what do you say? Investors tell us that, too often, people avoid, second-guess or provide scrambled answers to…

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How do you answer tough investor questions? 10 tips from the experts

What’s the most daunting part of speaking to investors? For many, it’s answering tough investor questions. It’s tricky to prepare for, as you don’t know exactly what they’ll ask. And, different investors approach questioning in many different ways. So how do the most successful fundraising teams ensure that tough investor…

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Fundraising presentations: a survive and thrive guide for talking to investors

Fundraising presentations are hard work. You're bombarded with challenging questions from investors, worn out by long days, and struggling to keep on top of your day job at the same time. They’re also difficult to get right. There is a world of difference between knowing your business inside out and…

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Five steps to effective video conferencing

96% of business leaders believe video conferencing improves productivity, according to a recent Polycom survey. The benefits of video conferencing are clear, but there are also challenges and pitfalls to navigate. Ensure that your next virtual meeting runs smoothly and effectively, by following our five steps to effective video conferencing: 1.…

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What can private equity fund managers learn from Prof. Brian Cox?

Do you look forward to watching TV documentaries about science? For the majority of people, the reply is ‘no’. Put Professor Brian Cox at the centre of a series though, and the answer, for millions, becomes ‘yes’. The pop star of particle physics, Cox is undoubtedly the UK’s favourite -…

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Persuasive Investor Presentations – five techniques from psychology

Investment decision-making is not totally rational. Are you using all the tools at your disposal to create and deliver persuasive investor presentations? Psychology researchers continually prove how incredibly susceptible humans are to unconscious influences. We can use subtle cues, signals and personal biases to nudge even the most experienced investor's decision-making. The impact of these…

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Private equity fundraising | Seven tips for first investor meetings

What do LPs want from private equity funds at first investor meetings? That's the question I put to the panel at SuperInvestor 2015, the annual conference for private equity decision makers. On the panel were Catherine Lewis La Torre, Anna Dayn, Spencer Miller and Marc der Kinderen. Between them, they see hundreds…

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What makes a great private equity pitch?

What is the best private equity pitch you've seen? That’s the question I put to my panel at SuperInvestor, the annual conference for private equity decision makers. I asked four LPs to talk about a great private equity pitch they remember - teams that did something different and grabbed attention. On the panel…

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What are the most common private equity pitching mistakes?

What are the private equity pitching mistakes most commonly made by fund managers? I asked the fundraising panel at the SuperInvestor 2015 conference which private equity pitching mistakes are made by fund managers time and again. On the panel were Catherine Lewis La Torre, Anna Dayn, Spencer Miller and Marc der Kinderen. Between…

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What’s the worst private equity pitch you’ve seen?

How to lose respect and alienate investors I asked the LP panel at SuperInvestor 2015 what the worst private equity pitch they've ever seen was. On the panel were Catherine Lewis La Torre, Anna Dayn, Spencer Miller and Marc der Kinderen. Between them, they review 400 fund pitches every year and they’ve seen…

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The Harry Potter Approach to Presentations

What can we learn from Harry Potter about better presentations? One simple rule:  Like magic, PowerPoint is powerful, and to do good it has to be used properly. Let me explain. Like the magic in Harry Potter, PowerPoint is a powerful tool.  And the ease of using PowerPoint sometimes makes…

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Financial Presentations: Fashions Fail, Drugs Deliver

. . It was the middle of August - that usually quiet time on the markets - when handbag and accessory maker Kate Spade saw its busiest day of trading ever. 52 million shares changed hands. Alas, people couldn’t get out quick enough. Shares plunged 25.4%. Kate Spade & Co…

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Pitching Excellence vs Investing Excellence – Getting the Balance Right – Video

Pitching Excellence.  This new video highlights the investor presentation coaching we do with hedge funds, private equity and asset managers.   Learn more about pitching excellence for your investor pitches.   [button url="/training/pitch-winning-training/" color="green" size="small" width="dynamic"]For help with better pitches[/button]

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Give Yourself Better Investor Meetings

  Do you want better meetings with investors?  While all investors are different and all investor meetings are different, there are a few things you can do to ensure better investor meetings:   1. Practice and Role Play By rehearsing different types of investor meetings and filming them you can understand…

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How Do You Avoid Death By PowerPoint Presentation?

We are all familiar with the feeling of Death by PowerPoint. But, what causes it? To understand how to use PowerPoint well, we need to understand how we take in information. Important Fact 1:  Your brain does not multitask. (Even if you are a woman.) For example, you can either…

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Make Your Financial Presentations Sparkle in Just Three Steps

Create Great Financial Presentations “It’s just a financial presentation.” “How can you get people engaged when reporting numbers?” “It’s really hard to get the board interested.” These are typical comments we hear from CFOs and financial controllers. Fortunately, financial reporting presentations can be as lively and interesting as the most…

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Five Golden Rules for A Great Pitch Book

Create Great Pitch Books Every pitch book is different.  Every business is different.  Every investor is different. Despite this, the same mistakes are made repeatedly when creating pitch book slides.   These five essential rules, drawn from our experience of creating great investor pitch books, will help you impress.  1.    …

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Better Investor Days – Five Things Investors Want From You

Better Investor Day Presentations A great annual investor day can be transformational. You can turn around doubters, clarify uncertainties and help people understand what makes your business special. It a great opportunity to communicate - and some companies do it brilliantly.   But, what is the difference between a great investor day…

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Five Tips for an Elevator Pitch

“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter." Blaise Pascal 1657   If you ever need to give a short pitch - an elevator pitch - for your fund or your business you know how tough it is. For example,…

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Five Powerful Ways to Start your Investor Presentation

How to Start Investor Presentations Can your investor presentations have more impact with a stronger start? In his bestselling book Thinking Fast Thinking Slow, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman analyses how our brains make decisions. The first part of decision making (thinking fast) is instant, efficient and completely unconscious. Ie your…

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