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Three short words to strengthen your presentation structure

Do you know what you want to say, and the order you want to say it in? Try this quick test of your presentation structure: Rearrange the order of your slides and/or your presentation notes. Do the headings still make sense? If your answer is yes, then you don’t have a strong presentation structure because…

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Five psychology techniques for persuasive investor presentations

Investment decision-making is not a wholly rational process. Are you using all the tools at your disposal to create and deliver persuasive investor presentations? Psychology researchers continually prove how incredibly susceptible humans are to unconscious influences. We can use subtle cues, signals and personal biases to nudge even the most experienced investor's decision-making process. The…

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Five techniques to make a boring presentation more interesting

There are simple ways to make a boring presentation more interesting. If you talk about a dry topic in a dull manner, your audience will struggle to stay attentive. And if the objective of your speech or presentation is to create change of some sort - opinion, action or education - then…

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Six essential tests for your elevator pitch

A weak elevator pitch is a wasted opportunity Last month I chaired the Quickfire Showcase at Berlin’s SuperReturn, the annual Private Equity Conference. Funds get 90 seconds to pitch to a room full of investors, who collectively have over $100bn to invest. It's a high profile elevator pitch. What struck me…

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How do prospective clients talk about you after your legal pitch?

After you’ve pitched to a client and they’ve returned to their offices, how do they talk about you and your legal pitch to their colleagues? We call this the ‘Takeaway Test’. Providing a succinct and memorable takeaway that sums up your value proposition will help clients to form a distinct…

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Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking in Three Steps

Do you feel nervous when you need to stand up and speak?  Do you feel the dread?  Does it make your heart race or your body go sweaty? Fear of public speaking is widespread.  When we coach people to become better public speakers, it’s one of the most common problems…

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The Power of Words, Just Words – Barack Obama Speech Extract

This extract from Barack Obama's Feb 2008 speech shows how powerful words can make powerful messages. This was in response to criticism he received about being 'all words.' See how Obama harnesses the power of words to make his point: Don’t tell me words don’t matter.I have a dream –…

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Use Stories To Transform Your Business Presentations

Stories in business presentations:  Last week I was at a leadership event. It was about a firm’s cost-cutting plans. The organisers had crammed the day with speakers, each hand-picked to inspire and motivate. The mood was intense. Then, one of the keynote speakers transformed the atmosphere. He said he was…

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Give Yourself Better Investor Meetings

  Do you want better meetings with investors?  While all investors are different and all investor meetings are different, there are a few things you can do to ensure better investor meetings:   1. Practice and Role Play By rehearsing different types of investor meetings and filming them you can understand…

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How Do You Avoid Death By PowerPoint Presentation?

We are all familiar with the feeling of Death by PowerPoint. But, what causes it? To understand how to use PowerPoint well, we need to understand how we take in information. Important Fact 1:  Your brain does not multitask. (Even if you are a woman.) For example, you can either…

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Make Your Financial Presentations Sparkle in Just Three Steps

Create Great Financial Presentations “It’s just a financial presentation.” “How can you get people engaged when reporting numbers?” “It’s really hard to get the board interested.” These are typical comments we hear from CFOs and financial controllers. Fortunately, financial reporting presentations can be as lively and interesting as the most…

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Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Story-Telling in Your Presentations How many stories can you remember from your childhood?  The fairy stories? The classic tales? The religious stories?  I am sure you could recite many of these. But how much do you remember of the presentations you have heard over the last month? Not much, I…

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Better Investor Days – Five Things Investors Want From You

Better Investor Day Presentations A great annual investor day can be transformational. You can turn around doubters, clarify uncertainties and help people understand what makes your business special. It a great opportunity to communicate - and some companies do it brilliantly.   But, what is the difference between a great investor day…

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Six Tips to Looking Good on a Conference Panel

Make your conference panels work. If you are on a conference panel this year,  make your attendance more successful with essential preparation. These six conference panel tips will help you look more impressive, interesting and impactful.    1.     Plan well in advance.  With your chairman and fellow panelists, work out what…

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“Don’t give us another f***ing PowerPoint Presentation!”

Winning a competitive pitch Our client, a leading Financial PR agency, was ready. They’d prepared a new business pitch for weeks. It was a big PR contract and they wanted to win. The timing wasn’t perfect: they’d been given the last slot on a hot Friday afternoon. And they knew…

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What Makes Sir Bob Geldof Such a Powerful Communicator?

Bob Geldof has always come across as a great showman. He's charismatic, passionate and forceful. But how does he do it? Last week, I had the pleasure of chairing the opening morning of GAIM, the hedge fund conference.  Sir Bob was guest speaker, talking about the fund he chairs, 8…

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Creating a Great Pitch Document – 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

What Makes A Great Pitch Document? When you want to win new business, how important is your pitch document?  It may decide if you get to the next stage of the sale.  Whether you are pitching to an investor, raising money from a donor, or selling something, your pitch document is…

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How to Harness the Power of Persuasion

Be More Persuasive in Presentations "It's not just what you say that counts, it's also how you say it. The success of your argument critically depends on your manner of presenting it." Alain de Botton Be More Persuasive Persuasive presenting takes more than just a few well-chosen words. To succeed…

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Improve your Business Presentations

How can you improve your firm's success in pitching? In presenting? And in giving conference talks? How much would a 10% improvement across your company be worth? You can learn a lot by reviewing how other people present. We analyse great speakers to help our clients be more effective when…

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Why Body Language Matters When Pitching to Win Business

Better Body Language We all know that body language is important in business.  But how important? And does is really make a big difference when selling something complex like an investment in a hedge fund, private equity or venture capital? And can you really improve how you are perceived just…

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